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5 Best Vitamins And Supplements For Healthy Hair Growth
▫️ Biotin
Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is THE vitamin for hair growth. Biotin helps to improve your body’s keratin infrastructure, which contributes to thicker and healthier hair.

A study done on women aged between 21-75 years with thyroid issues, alopecia or taking certain medications indicated significant amounts of hair growth after 90 days of taking a biotin supplement twice a day.

▫️ Zinc
Zinc plays a vital part in many bodily processes and functions such as cell reproduction, hormonal balance, proper absorption of vitamins, and protein synthesis. All of which are vital for proper hair growth.

A zinc deficiency can cause excessive hair shedding because without zinc, the hair shafts become weak, causing hair breakage and very slow hair regrowth.

▫️ Collagen
Collagen is an extremely important protein (hence why I haven’t included it below) which is VITAL for healthy hair growth, but after the age of 30, our production of collagen decreases rapidly!

Collagen not only keeps our hair thick and strong, but it also wards off premature grey hair by stimulating melanin production which keeps our locks colourful and radiant for longer.

▫️ Folic Acid
Known as the holy grail of hair growth vitamins, Folic Acid is a vital mineral in healthy hair growth.

Folic Acid keeps the growth of hair in the anagen phase. The longer the anagen phase, the longer the hair, the higher the pigmentation and the greater the thickness. The shorter the anagen phase, the shorter the hair and the lower the thickness.

▫️ Selenium
Rich in antioxidant enzymes, selenium prevents damage to the hair follicles from sources such as pollution, UV rays, and other forms of free radicals.

Selenium also encourages regular hair growth by helping the body to convert necessary proteins to grow hair.

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