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CBD can take many forms – but none of them are as delicious as CBD-infused gummies.

Most people use them as healthy treats or as an emergency supply of CBD when they can’t take their oil or vaporizer.

Acoola Nutrition CBD Vegan Gummies are different. Each sweet circular gummy packs a potent dose of 25mg of CBD, so it only takes two gummies to meet your daily recommended dosage if, say, your doctor advised you to take 50mg of CBD per day.

The 25mg version has been designed for:

* People with greater body weight
* Experienced CBD users
* Those who need CBD in high doses for its sedating effects

The lack of THC eliminates the risk of getting high or failing a drug test. The punch of fruity flavors results from using only natural ingredients, with no animal derivatives, which makes Acoola Nutrition CBD gummies 100% vegan.

Benefits of Acoola Nutrition CBD Gummies

Our CBD gummies have everything you need to get your daily dose of CBD in a convenient way.

Each gummy contains a fixed dose of 99.99% pure CBD isolate, with 25mg of CBD per gummy. This makes dosing even easier than using CBD oil – you can forget about drop-dosing calculations.

Let’s say you’re a larger person and your recommended dosage is 50 gummies. You just need to take two gummies throughout the day. For those with milder health concerns or lower body mass, a dose of 1 gummy will suffice – efficacy at its best!

Up until recently, the only way to avoid the not-so-pleasant taste of CBD extracts was to use a vaporizer or take capsules. Not everyone likes swallowing capsules and vaping can be too expensive for those just getting started.

CBD gummies mask the cannabis extract with their delicious fruity flavors without sacrificing potency, allowing you to indulge in the benefits of CBD without the above problems.

Why Do We Use CBD Isolate in Our Gummies?

Too many companies have tried to capitalize on new CBD users’ lack of knowledge, selling them inferior products with false label claims and no real value.

Here at Acoola Nutrition CBD, we guarantee that what you buy is exactly what you see on the label of your CBD gummies.

The Benefits of Using CBD Isolate:

* 99.99% pure CBD
* THC-free
* Higher concentration of cannabidiol
* Easy to use
* Cost-effective

As the name suggests, CBD isolate is cannabidiol that’s been isolated from other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant matter.

Isolated CBD doesn’t produce any smell and has no flavor. It also contains virtually zero THC.

We Test Our CBD Gummies With Third Party Labs

We ensure that each step of production – including sourcing, extraction, and manufacturing – is subject to strict quality control programs and extensive laboratory testing.

Our certificate of analysis proves our CBD gummies are consistent with the strength and purity listed on the bottle. We also make sure that the hemp farmers we work with use only organic solution to grow their crops – keeping their plants away from contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, or mold.

We’re always striving to improve our production standards, working with scientists, herbalists, and nutritionists who have helped design our natural goods to the top-notch quality.

Bring Your Body Back to Balance

Most of the benefits of CBD results from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system, a broad network of hemp-like chemicals and receptors, works in your body to keep it in harmony (homeostasis). Sometimes, when your body becomes overstrained, it can no longer produce enough of its own cannabinoids to maintain this harmony – bringing you one step closer to illness.

CBD supports the endocannabinoid system to bring your body back to balance and keep you in good health.

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